Special bindings & book repairs

Leather Bindings

Fine bindings in leather for presentations, birthday presents, weddings, etc

There are a number of ways that we can help you with this type of binding. Normally you would bring in (or send) to us the book that you want bound. This could be an old or antiquarian book or a new one from your bookseller. If you are able to supply us with an un-bound book or even loose pages then this is better.

If you require advise on a suitable book then please contact us. At this stage we would also discuss your requirements for the book. How do you want it to look? Do you want raised bands? colour of the covering? how much decoration? Do you want a slip case? There are a number of questions that we will need answering to enable us to finish the book for your special occasion. Don't worry we will help you all the way.

We will then take the book and if necessary re-sew it in the traditional manner. End papers are fitted. These could be plain pages or more usually we would use marbled paper.The book is trimmed (please note that we don't usually trim antiquarian books) to tidy up the edges. We then round and back the book (this shapes the book to give it a nice appearance).

Head and tail bands are then fitted at the top and bottom of the book. If you require these can be hand sewn to give a better appearance.

The covering material (usually real leather) is then glued to the boards and shaped to neatly fit the book. The title and gold tooling complete the spine and the front as required.

The book is then ready for your special occasion.

Restoration & Repairs

Repairs and restoration to your tatty books.

If they are worth keeping on your shelves then at least have the book in good condition so that it doesn't fall to pieces when you read it.

On arrival at our bindery we will examine the books and together with your comments advise what we can do to repair or restore your books.

Reback. For this type of restoration we save the original cover and spine, we then closely match the existing cloth or leather and repair the damage. The spine is then re-laid on top of the repair to make a near invisible restoration.

(I am often asked if a repair reduces the value of a book-click for answer)

Re-bind. If you just wish to save the book so that it can be read without falling to pieces then are a number of options. For this type of service we can either closely mimic the original binding or completely change it to suit your tastes.

Bible Repairs

Any type from small pocket editions to the large (Victorian) Lectern or family type Bible can be repaired.

We always try and save as much as possible of the original bindings so that the character of the Bible is not lost. If you required we will also insert new pages at the appropriate position so that you can continue the family history.


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